In India, I feel that I really experienced what Mahan Rishi described as the paradox of India; a place where one can be in total dissonance and in total harmony, where outward poverty can be eclipsed by the beauty and inherent richness of spirit in the people and places.
— Jennifer Foreman 2015
     Mahan Rishi meeting with Naga Sadhu in                Varanasi during Kumbha Mela

    Mahan Rishi meeting with Naga Sadhu in                Varanasi during Kumbha Mela

My First Journey to India was in 1979...there was so much to absorb...I remember my first thought as the plane door opened on the runway in the middle of the night in Amritsar.  "This is a totally different reality."  As I began to explore the streets...I was radically opened to a new way of life.  This opening continues to bring me back and to offer this experience to others.

These trips are both rigorous and rewarding.  “My intention is for each traveler to have a life transforming experience that reveals a deeper way of seeing oneself and the world around us from a place of greater understanding and compassion.  

Most days begin by awakening in the pre-dawn hours to enter the environment from the silent dimension of devotion and prayer practiced by the local devotees.   The ambrosial hours provide us with the unique awakening of spiritual practice that remains invisible to most people.  The atmospheric presence of stillness at this time creates an experience of deep soulful connection and the  opportunity to embrace the mystical.   

We will connect with the natural rhythms of the environment, awakening early each day to experience the morning practices.  During your travels, time will be provided for individual and group meetings, where we will practice meditation both together and privately.  

Mahan Rishi invites each participant to approach these trips from place of wonderment, flexibility, courage and astonishment.

"Mahan Rishi Singh Khalsa is a gifted photographer, an extraordinary teacher, leader, guide, and a student of life.  As a photographer, Mahan Rishi has the unique ability to capture the intimacy of the moment with beauty and precision.  As a retreat and tour leader, Mahan Rishi has a deep connection to people and to India and to many places across the globe that arise from understanding our common humanity.  Travel with Mahan Rishi is joyous!  He has the unique ability to plan and organize the complexity of travel to India and travel worldwide, and the grace to be fully mindful in the moment.  My trips to India with Mahan Rishi and his wife Nirbhe Kaur are unforgettable and prepared me to see life with an open mind and heart."  

Valerie Brown  (Inder Kaur):  leadership coach, retreat leader and author of The Road that Teaches: Lessons in Transformation through Travel  (Quakerbridge Media 2012)  1999


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